Newburgh Mill Site: Industrial Usage since 1870

Bovee Cider Mill: 1870 to 1935

The original dam that created Newburgh Lake was built by Nicholas Bovee in 1870, and was the site of the Bovee Cider Mill for nearly 65 years until Henry Ford bought the land in 1934.

Ford's Village Industries Newburgh Mill Plant: 1935 to 1947

Ford Motor Company constructed the mill on the site of the former cider mill.  Opening in 1935, the mill produced twist drill, converting to airplane parts during World War II.

The plant operated until 1947, and the mill and surrounding grounds transferred to Wayne County Road Commission in 1948. 

Changing hands to Wayne County Road Commission: 1948 to Present

Since the county took possession of the property, it has been used for various road maintenance and law enforcement functions in the intervening 70 years.  For at least 50 years, the Wayne County Sheriff's Mounted Division has stabled some of it's horses on the grounds behind the mill building.

Today, the mill is not available for public usage, but is a Wayne County Sheriff outpost.  The site has several "DO NOT ENTER" and "Authorized Personnel Only" signs that make it clear that this area is not public recreation space.